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AmCham members traveling in the Asia Pacific region are invited to participate in other AmChams’ events at preferred AmCham member rates. Be sure to have your AmCham membership card with you.

Click on the below links to go direct to APCAC member AmChams’ web sites Events pages. In some cases, you may Register Online for events. Be sure to include a comment that you are a member of AmCham (name of country/city).

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American Business Council of Pakistan - Karachi

The American Business Council of Pakistan (ABC) was formed in 1984, and represents the largest group of single country investors in Pakistan. ABC has 60 members, most of whom are Fortune 500 companies, with revenues of about US$ 2.5 billion and an investment of almost US$ 1.5 billion, employ over 25,000 employees directly that support 125,000 dependents, and indirectly employ well over 500,000 people with agents, distributors, etc.