APCAC Events & Meetings

07-09-19/20 Corporate Global Citizenship Conference - Washington DC

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) will host the 2007 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference on September 19 and 20 in Washington DC. The Conference will bring business leaders from across the country together to discuss the role of corporate citizenship in emerging market development.

07-10-23 APCAC Executive Committee and Executive Directors Meeting in India

Regular annual meeting of the Executive Directors Forum to discuss “best practices” and the Executive Committee to prepare for the following year’s Annual Meeting and Conference, as well as the June Washington Doorknock.

08-03-13/15: 41st APCAC Annual Meeting, Mar 2007, Agana, Guam, USA

Every year, leaders of APCAC AmChams gather to review key issues in the Asia Pacific region, to meet leaders from the U.S. Government, regional institutions such as APEC, ADB, ASEAN, etc., and top political leaders of the host country. Details to be provided.

08-11-13 APCAC Fall 2008 Meeting of Executive Committee and Executive Directors, Bali

APCAC Fall 2008 Meeting of Executive Committee and Executive Directors

2005-10-06: Executive Committee and EDs Forum, Phuket, Thailand

Information and registration forms for the event.

2006-03-15: APCAC Annual Meeting, Manila, Wed-Fri, Mar 15-17, 2006

Join leaders of 25 AmChams, 10,000 businesses, and over 50,000 executives on the ground in the Asia-Pacific region as they gather for their 2006 Annual General Meeting in Manila for networking and thought-provoking discussions.

2006-03-17 APCAC Manila Conference - Optional Tour Descriptions

Ten optional exciting tours for participants in the 2006 APCAC Manila Conference.

2006-06-11: APCAC Washington Doorknock, June 11-14, 2006

2006 Washington Doorknock Information

2006-09-15/18: China International SME Fair, Guangzhou

Pan Zhou Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou

2006-09-19/20: IMF/World Bank Meetings in Singapore, Sep 19-20, 2006

The Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group (Bank) meet once a year to discuss the work of their respective institutions.

AmCham Thailand - Bangkok

AmCham provides American businesses and businesspersons with a venue for the exchange of ideas and for identifying common purposes to pursue in both the private and government sectors, in Thailand, in the Asian region, and in the United States.