Non-Immigrant Visas (June 2006)

The Issue

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11, there have been two challenges: harmonizing all needed security changes for maximum effect while maintaining the right balance between stronger security and facilitating travel.

No industry has been more adversely affected than travel and tourism. The joint vision announced in January 2006 by Secretaries Rice and Chertoff is good news and will help us promote the unique role travel and tourism can play as an engine for prosperity. This vision goes a long way towards sending the proper signal to our friends around the world that we want them to come and visit the U.S. Research consistently indicates people are significantly more inclined to feel good about America after visiting and experiencing our country’s diverse peoples and opportunities.

U.S. market share of international travel is at an all-time low. Since 1992, ...

  • U.S. market share has dropped 35% (between 1992 and 2004)
  • Losing market share has cost the U.S. economy US$ 286 billion in revenue
  • Federal, state and local government would have an extra US$ 48 billion in tax revenue if we had just maintained previous market share

International visitation creates jobs, economic growth, and tax revenue. Every 1% increase in international market share equals:

  • 151,000 new jobs
  • US$ 12.1 billion in expenditures
  • US$ 2 billion more in tax revenues

What Needs to be Done

  • APCAC supports enhanced security to protect the U.S. and also seeks to balance that security by renewing America’s welcome for international businesses, students and tourists.
  • APCAC endorses adequate resources to ensure shorter wait times for visa interviews, with special consideration for business and tourism.

AmCham China - Shanghai

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