AmCham China - Shanghai

Contact Information

American Chamber of Commerce in China (Shanghai)
Jeffrey Bernstein, Chairman
Brenda Lei Foster, President
Shanghai Center, Suite 5681
1376 Nanjing Road West
Shanghai, PRC 200040
T: +86-21 6279-7119
F: +86-21 6279-7643

About AmCham Shanghai

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham Shanghai) is a non-partisan, non-profit business organization which was organized in 1915. It is one of the earliest overseas American chambers, established only three years after the founding of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. AmCham Shanghai was resurrected in 1987 after a break of 38 years, and is now the second-largest American Chamber in the Asia Pacific, after AmCham Japan (Tokyo), with 1,200 companies and 2,500 representatives. AmCham Shanghai is committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information.


We support the success of our members by promoting a healthy business environment in China, strengthening U.S.-China commercial ties, and providing high-quality business information and resources.

What Can AmCham Shanghai Do For You?

We can help you…

  • network with clients
  • network with peers
  • hone your skills, train your staff
  • promote your company
  • lobby the government
  • stay informed on China business
  • link into a dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program
  • find help with U.S. travel visas, health insurance, and more!

Saipan Chamber of Commerce

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