APCAC Board of Directors, 2006

The APCAC Board of Directors consists of the Chair or President of each FULL MEMBER, the Chairman, selected in accordance with Article 18, and the immediate Past Chairman, who is an ex-officio, non-voting representative to the Board of Directors.

Representing Director’s Name
AmCham Australia Oscar Sanez
AmCham Bangladesh Aftab Ul Islam
AmCham China (Beijing) Emory Williams
AmCham China (Guangdong) Harley Seyedin
AmCham China (Hong Kong) Jon Zinke
AmCham China (Shanghai) Jeffrey Bernstein
AmCham China (Tianjin) Steve Tam
AmCham India Amrit Kiran Singh
AmCham Indonesia Joe Bartlett
AmCham Japan Debbie Howard
AmCham Okinawa Christopher Dibbell
AmCham Korea William C. Oberlin
AmCham Malaysia Vince Leusner
AmCham New Zealand Michael Stanley
AmCham Pakistan Nadeem Karamat
AmCham Philippines Rick Santos
AmCham Singapore Amy M. Adams
AmCham Sri Lanka Claire Snowden
AmCham Taipei Tom Johnson
AmCham Thailand Steve Green
AmCham Vietnam (Hanoi) Thomas O’Dore
AmCham Vietnam (HCM City) Walter Blocker
APCAC Chair George Drysdale

Reference: APCAC Constitution, Chapter VI. Governing Board and Employees, Article 25.

Article 25. The Governing authority to APCAC shall be its Board of Directors consisting of the following

1. The Chairman or Vice Chairmen acting in the Chairman’s stead in accordance with Article 18; and
2. The President of each FULL MEMBER or his/her designated representative or a proxy designated in accordance with article 24.
3. The immediate past Chairman shall be an ex-officio, non-voting representative to the Board of Directors.

AmCham China - Guangdong

AmCham Guangdong is a non-partisan, non-profit business organization, certified in 1995 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. AmCham Guangdong represents over 500 American and international companies doing business in South China.